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Does fear have a stronghold?

As a mom of littles, the months of September and October bring about a very strange level of stress.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love the food, the decor, the chill in the air.  I love the activities, the crafts, the books.  I love the holidays.  I really do.  I love getting together and planning themed gatherings.  But do you know what I don’t love?  Halloween decorations.  And to be fair, it’s not all of them.  Give me a cute little candy corn wreath and I’m good, but all of this gory, scary, bloody stuff?  Nope.  I don’t like it AT ALL.  And my littles especially don’t like it.  My youngest cries anytime he sees it!


I try to steer us away from that part of the decor section of the store, but kids see it everywhere.  It’s in yards, it’s in stores, it’s on billboards.  I’ve even seen cars with bloody hands sticking out of the back!  Yikes!  We talk about how it’s not real.  I also wonder, though, why we seem to be so immune to it.  Why is it okay?  As a culture, why are we entertained by the horrendous actions that these decorations imply?


While the decorations are not real, the fear certainly is.  Scripture tells us that the enemy prowls around like a hungry lion, ready to devour us (1 Peter 5:8).  That enemy, while invisible, is very real.  And he loves to instill a fear in us.  Paralyzing fear.  While we may not have a deep fear of a Halloween decoration (although our kids certainly may), we do have a fear of the unknown, or a fear or taking the next right step, or a fear of rejection, or fear of all the “what ifs” in life.  It can be crippling, devastating.


Are you afraid to take the next step? Does fear have a stronghold over an area of your life? In this 30-day Scripture-writing plan, we can remain confident in our victory through Christ!


And with all this fear and scary stuff flying off the store shelves this month, what better time than now to spend some time seeing what God has to say about fear?  He certainly did not intend for us to live in a constant state of paralysis.  In fact, He says that He is with us at all times, and that we do NOT need to be afraid.  We are victorious through Christ!  So over the next month, we’re going to tackle this idea of fear.


If you’ve followed my plans in previous months, you’ll notice a slight difference (besides the fact that I’m posting it super late).  In the Gather & Dwell group, I asked how weekends affected your daily Bible time.  I heard many times that people took a break over the weekend, but then did extra on Monday to catch up.  I never want anyone to feel “behind” while spending time in the Word!  Time spent with the Lord is never wasted!  As you go through these plans, I want you to feel free to spend as long as you want dwelling over each verse.


Are you afraid to take the next step? Does fear have a stronghold over an area of your life? In this 30-day Scripture-writing plan, we can remain confident in our victory through Christ!


This month, I did not assign verses over the weekends.  Use that time to reread a verse that stood out, or spend some time memorizing Scripture.  I’m a firm believer that when we fill our minds with God’s Truth, the lies of the enemy have no room to creep in.  Just as always, there is no right or wrong way to use this plan.  Just spend time with Jesus!


Here are some ways you can use this plan:

*write out the verse of the day during your daily devotional

*simply read the verse or journal a few thoughts

*create a digital image (use #castoutfear)

*memorize the verses

*create an illustration

*call a friend and talk through the verse

*anything you decide!


Just spend time with the Lord!  Remember that we already know the end of the story.  Jesus wins!


If you share any of your journal pages or images on social media, please use #castoutfear.  It helps us all to connect with each other and encourage each other during the process!   Also, if you haven’t already, sign up to receive our newsletter or connect with us on Facebook to never miss a post!


4 thoughts on “Does fear have a stronghold?

  1. I like to read the scripture and write down my thoughts and feelings on the scripture verse. When I start my study the next day I read the scripture again and write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes just a day brings on different understanding.

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post!!!!!! My family and I do not do the Halloween thing…personal and biblical reasons. But, I’m with you…the ugly and scariness is too much, especially for the younger kids. In my personal opinion, it’s too much! In the grand scheme, what IS the purpose for Halloween? It’s NOT an official holiday? How did it even evolve to present day antics?

    I fear the unknown for obvious reasons. But, I have learned to embrace that by not allowing it to paralyze me or prevent me for taking the next steps.

    I’m certainly going to share this because so many people need to be aware or reminded of how to not let fear be their stronghold.

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