2019 Book List

I am so excited about this year’s book list!   This is actually the first time I’ve every published my list ahead of time.  My Goodreads list is about a million miles long, and I know that I’ll never actually get to reading all of them.  However, I did take the time to select 24 books that are MUST-READS for 2019!   I’ve selected 12 fiction and 12 non-fiction.  I would love for you to join me in reading some of them!


What are you reading in 2019? I've selected 24 books, both fiction and non-fiction that are sure to encourage, empower, and entertain you!


For the non-fiction books, I selected books in the following areas: homemaking, Christian living, Biblical womanhood, being a Gospel-centered parent, and being a godly wife.  I have not read any of these books already, but several have been on my shelf at home for a few years.  I’m excited to dig in!  My goal is to read one of these each month.



Eeek!  Doesn’t that list make you just a little excited?!?!  I’ll be asking for YOUR input over on my Instagram page (courtneydimmitt) to help decide which books to read during each month.  I don’t have a specific order that I want to read them.  I just know that I want to read ALL of them this year!  


Now for the fiction list…. Most of these books are recommendations from others.  Some are books that I’ve been eyeing for a while.  There is a slight condition on these books.  Because I haven’t read any of them, I can’t speak to their content.  If I find that any of them are not something that I feel comfortable recommending, I will remove that book from the list and replace it.  The same can also be said for the non-fiction books listed above.  I have high hopes though!  Follow me on Instagram to help me decide when to read these as well!  I always have at least one fiction and one non-fiction book going at one time.  



It looks like I’m in for a year of good reading!  What’s on your “absolutely must read this year” list?